What to do about a suspicious Zelle BTC buyer?


I recently encountered a very suspicious Zelle BTC buyer and figured I might share some of the details to see if I or the community have any reason to worry. The buyer was 7 days verified at the time I sold which is definitely low, but I didn’t think much of it since I’ve never had an issue with a buyer before. Immediately when the trade began the buyer asked if they could send from a different Zelle name, which I replied no to due to the risks that could come with that. Shortly after they then said they sent with the correct Zelle name but after checking my Zelle I saw no payment. After some back and forth the buyer finally admitted that the first attempt resulted in an error on their end, so they tried sending again and this time it went through. I willingly released the funds at this point as everything was done according to rules, and I received my deposit back from the trade. But for whatever reason the trade is still marked as opened even though I no longer can message the buyer without error. Since yesterday the same buyer has created many listings (3 open as of writing this) 10% to 15% above market price which also seems very odd since the next highest as of writing this is 4% under. In addition to this, the buyer seems to be using a different Zelle accounts now as he or she are no longer verified and the payment account age is set to 0 days.

I know Zelle is generally considered a fairly chargeback safe payment method, but I was wondering if there was any reason I should be potentially worried about this trade? Also, why is a unsigned buyer allowed to open so many buy offers in a short period of time? I also have screenshots I could provide, but I did not include them as I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

Hi thanks for the post.

The best thing to do if you have any concerns with a trade is open mediation and inform the mediator.

I do not think that the buyer has multiple offers to buy btc is suspicious. Many users create multiple offer. Also for each offer they will have to put up a security deposit which is at risk if they do anything against Bisq rules.

Sending payment from another account is against Bisq rules. The buyer might be new and unaware of this. You were right to refuse payment from another account.

Some people do trade with multiple peoples accounts. It is not that common but it is allowed. The main thing that matters is that someone has access to the account they want to trade with. Some users trade on behalf of friends or family members.

I think it is more likely you are trading with a new user unaware of the rules than anything untoward.