What WALLETS Support BISQ Seed Words?

Any time I used some website in the past that includes its own crypto wallet (for example, say like Yours.Org) it’s always been a good idea to duplicate that wallet in some OTHER independent stand-alone wallet, so that in case of any trouble with the site/app… you can still get your money OUT.

Case in point this proved to be great foresight as with the recent bizarre BCH split drama into “abc” and “sv”… yours.org went off the rails and funds “stuck” in the site’s wallet could be inaccessible to some folks now.

But, not me. I have my “yours” wallet duplicated into the open source COPAY wallet. So I was easily able to pull my money back out from clutches of Ryan X. Charles LOL

SO… long story short, folks… WHAT wallet can I use my shiny new BISQ SEED words with???

Me again, I’m back LOL…

Well rather than wait for a reply I just went ahead and tried it.

Imported Bisq seed words into copay-fork version of bitcoin.com wallet, and hey hey whaddya know? IT WORKED!

There are the same addresses generated in both. First couple in the wallet were NOT shown on BISQ but then clicking “generate new address” a couple times made 'em sync-up to point where seen above, i.e. same most-recent address in BISQ is current address in the wallet.

SO… pretty cool.

Only question remains WHAT is the purpose of the “creation date” used with seed words in restore of wallet in the BISQ software?

And, any complication potential with using the same wallet/address at the same time in the bisq app and in the independent wallet…???

Thanks for any replies.

Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend using the Bisq wallet somewhere else unless you don’t plan to use it in Bisq again, otherwise Bisq client might get confused or something.

Creation date is mostly used so your Bisq client dosn’t need to sync up with the whole Bitcoin history to check it’s balance, but only since the wallet was created.

Btw, Bisq uses BIP 44 wallet format, so any Bitcoin wallet that uses the same wallet format is supported.

PS: You can also export your private keys with alt+j at any time, you just need to remove the wallet password first.

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