Where can i download Bisq 0.6.0

I cannot use the Bisq 0.5.3 in china

but it seems 0.6.0 is out and works

Attention China: Tor pluggable transports are coming to Bisq. Using Bisq behind the Great Firewall has been difficult in the past, but no more! Bisq 0.6.0 will use @JesusMcCloud’s new netlayer library to enable Tor pluggable transports and make Bisq as easy to use in China as it is elsewhere in the world.

0.6.0 has not been released yet, but will be soon (“Bisq 0.6.0 will use …”), stay tuned!

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If you know any Chinese devs (or are one yourself) it would be very helpful if you could test it out before the release!
Just checkout from https://github.com/bisq-network/exchange and build the Development branch.