Where do I find my reputation score in the Bisq app?

Maybe I’m completely blind, or dumb, but I can’t find where my Bisq ‘reputation’ is on the app. Meaning, I want to find out in one glance how much Bitcoin I can sell at once, so that I don’t have to guess, or fumble around looking for it.

I know the longer you use Bisq, it increases your ‘score’ or ‘trustworthiness.’ Is it possible to add this as a feature for those that are new to the platform?

Edit: Maybe a visible ‘score’ somewhere that says “0.0125” or a star-rating, or some type of graduated scale.

-> https://bisq.network/faq/#3

I’m not sure, but you may also see your trade limit when you select the payment account at accounts.

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Yeah, it doesn’t have much to do with trust, number or existence of any trades do not impact it.
It is a simple limit based on account age to make stolen fiat accounts harder to cash out at once.