Where to buy BSQ?

On what markets can i buy BSQ?
Or i can exchange BSQ/HATCH right here?
I need 0.1BSQ or more.

atm afaik Bisq itself is the only DEX where you can exchange BSQ/BTC.

(HATCH seems no more listed on Bisq).

I meant any exchange except BISQ. You are mistaken. HATCH is still in the listing on BISQ and I hope it will stay there forever. We have planned funds for trading on the BISQ exchange in our budget and will issue them to us at the end of this month. So successful trading;)

By the way, it’s a pity that no one from the BISQ community has provided so far any assistance at all.

The Bisq community is already doing a considerable job simply to maintain and update the Bisq software.
There are several altcoins newly listed on each Bisq release, it’s just impossible for the Bisq community to do the job of each altcoin community in their place.

Bisq community has already provided assistance to you by listing your altcoin freely.
Do you know many exchanges doing that ?
(And nobody from your hatch community was even able to profit from that to put a single offer on the table !)
And by explaining you why you still see Hatch even if it is no more listed, see HATCH need help from the BISQ community!
It’s a pity that you didn’t even read the answers we already provided you.

It’s probably last time you got support from me here.

Unfortunately, you did not provide any support besides being misled. According to the rules of the BISQ exchange, a coin can be removed if there is no activity for 4 months. 4 months from the moment of adding HATCH to the exchange has not passed and will not be soon.

8hrs since you posted that questions.
People sleep and your question was answered.

A person for some reason does not have HATCH in the settings and he thinks that this is the case for everyone. I do not know how to help him. Because of his rash statements, I had to raise a new virtual machine and put BISQ v1.1.0 on it to make sure that there is a HATCH there and the possibility of trading it too.

BSQ is not listed on any centralized exchange and I don’t think that anybody is going to ask them to list it any time soon. I don’t really see a need for being listed on a centralized exchange.