Where to find number of confirmations?


I am working on a trade in progress and I wanted to check the number of confirmations.

At one point in the process a pop-up window stated “Your trade has reached at least one blockchain confirmation. You can wait for more confirmations if you want - 6 confirmations are considered as very secure.”

Where can I find the number of confirmations from within the Bisq software?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure if you can see the number of confirmations directly in the software.
But anyway, you can use any blockchain explorer to follow the progress of your trade.
Usually, one confirmation is one block mining, ie ~ 10 minutes.

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Ah, ok, thanks. I went to blockexplorer.com and there were 20 confirmations for the tx ID provided inside the software, so it looks good then!

Thanks for the quick response!

At the funds/tx screen there is an icon for the confirmations. With rollover/tooltip u see the nr of confirmations

Thanks ManfredKarrer, I never would have seen that. Maybe there needs to be a note under the heading “Confirmations” saying “mouse over for # of confirmations”? I hope you don’t mind me making the suggestion.

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