Where's the Sellers? HelloooOOOooo

Been trying for two days to buy some - but there’s nobody selling? Is there something wrong with the app?

This particular exchange doesn’t get the traffic the other exchanges get. Orders may take longer than expected because of this, but one day Bisq will be used at a higher frequency <3

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There are some sell offers now, but it depends on the currency and the payment method you are using. You can also always create an offer to get things started, as one party always has to create an offer.

Ok, I finally see a couple, albeit using western union or other weird method. Since I’ve download bisq, I’ve seen an average of 4 or 5 everytime, then suddenly, 2 days of nothing, so I thought something was up. My bad! :smiley:

So - thanks to you both, perhaps I’ll make an offer myself as alex suggested, but not till it pulls back to it’s real value ~ $5K LOL

Yeah, I’d like to offer some Altcoin/LTC trades, but I have no Arbitrators to select from, and that puts the kibosh on the works… Still searching for the answer in the docs/community, or wherever knowledge is congealed here.

Please try again, arbitrator is available now.