Who can sign accounts?

Hello, comparing the documentation with Bisq trades, I got confused with the question: who can sign accounts ? Please confirm all that apply:

  1. BTC buyer maker with account signed
  2. BTC buyer taker with account signed
  3. BTC seller maker with account signed
  4. BTC seller taker with account signed
  1. Arbitrators
  2. Signed BTC sellers, both makers and takers

Then there’s something wrong, because my account has been signed today by a peer, but I never bought any BTC.

Hello, updating the information that I have from trading in Bisq version 1.2.1:

  • BTC buyer maker with account signed can definitely sign seller taker.
  • I believe BTC buyer taker with account signed can sign seller maker.
  • I believe signed account with less than 30 days can sign other accounts.

All this is in contradiction with the documentation.

Arbitrators have signed some accounts from disputes they were arbitrating, those are the initial signed accounts. Accounts that can sign other accounts are:

  1. Accounts signed by arbitrators
  2. Accounts signed by a peer that can sign where the signing happened more than 30 days ago

Signing happens after a trade in which one account is able to sign and the other is unsigned.

This means both buyers and sellers can get signed as long as the counterparty is a signer. Maker or taker, doesn’t matter.