Why accounts are classified only on the base of their age?

I might be wrong but I noticed that accounts and therefore btc limits are classified on the base of the account age.

It may sound stupid, but I think would be better to classify them on the number of trades completed, or even better both (account age and number of transactions/trades), indeed in the current situation, I can wait 30 days and then perform my “malicious” transaction.

If you’ll introduce the trades limit, in the first case (number of trades) maybe after 10 trades, I’m able to unlock the first BTC limit, this means that I’m really interested in the platform, and I prove it by keeping the client running to complete my 10 trades, while in the best scenario (age and trades) I need to wait 30 days and complete 10 transactions to be able to increase the limits.

What do you think?

It is because the number of trades would be easily spoofed in Bisq by users trading with themselves from another Bisq client.

The actual age of the account is the only thing we can cryptographically prove when it comes to trading accounts.

Locally though, users do see number of trades they had with the peer. But globally that can not be safely implemented.

Hi @alexej996

You are completely right i didn’t think to this problem and its implications, thanks for your feedback :wink: