Why All These Negative Offers?

Just using Bisq, noticed all these offers with negative percentage propositions:

What reason could there possibly be for this? Some kind of attack? There aren’t many other competitive offers

I don’t think this could be any kind of attack. This is just free market at play, as someone seems to really want to sell Bitcoins for Euros as quick as possible, even if it costs him 2% of the market price.

It does seem like all of these offers are by the same user that created an account around 45 days ago and seems to be trying to sell 1.875 BTC, but had to fragment it into 10 trades as his account age doesn’t allow him to post bigger offers at the moment.


I’d like to see more attacks like these. A -5% attack would be fine. :rofl:
Now seriously, I would only accept one of these offers, to be careful just in case.

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I don’t see why to

Apart from the whole Bisq “protocol” being basically not-hackable (no trust needed), it is natural for someone who wants to sell his BTC as fast as possible to offer them at below-market price and someone who wants to buy BTC really quickly might put in a buy-order with above-market price.
Also, as we all know 2% isn’t much in Crypto :wink:
The daily - even hourly - fluctuations are way larger than 2% so this could just be considered a “little bonus” for the buyer but imho really nothing to be worried about :smile:

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