Why am I limited as a BTC seller

Recently I added some sepa bank accounts to my Bisq profile. Even if they are new and not signed, why am I not allowed to take most of BTC purchase orders on the orderbook? I am only allowed to accept tiny offers.
I cannot understand where is the risk on my side if selling BTC.

That’s new. You’re getting errors when trying to sell btc? Could share screenshots of those errors?

The problem seems to be related to the last of my bank accounts used in an exchange. If I use a recently created account, the next time I start Bisq, it disables me from accepting most offers, all of them over 0.0625 BTC. Does this limitation make sense when selling BTC if I have other accounts that are several months old?

Oh that limit is normal and you’re informed of it on the creation of the account. And if you go to the ACCOUNT tab and select your fiat account it should be displayed.
It’ll double 30 days of the creation of the account and double again 30 days later.