Why am I prompted to increase my btc amnt for an eth-btc take?

bisq version 1.9.14

I have enought deposit to trade some ETH for BTC.

Yet, when I attempt to take an offer, it seems to want to force me to match the amount of btc I want to trade my eth for.

Say for example I have eth which can buy me 0.8 btc, and I have .2 btc in my wallet, when I take the offer it asks how much btc I’m looking to get… .8btc, and then it says no you need to increase the amount in your btc wallet by.6btc before I can take the trade.

Why is this?

(btw… matrix/element from tor and it is almost impossible to use)… here we are!

if you have many separate utxos in your bisq wallet, you maybe need to consolidate it in a single utxo

Thanks, but I don’t think that’s it. It’s basically a new wallet.

as a last option, are you sure the deposit % that the maker has set, isn’t a very high one?

Yes, it’s not high at all. I made sure I had enough. It appears, now that that open trade is frozen with a message to the effect a current, mandatory release requires me to upgrade to the version I couldn’t get to work.

Oh dear.We’re going to need to find a way to resolve this.

Version 1.9.15 is required to keep trading, yes. But as long as the trade wasn’t started, you never locked any funds, so your money is safe