Why are mediators in support of pressure and threat tactics?


recently I had a trade with someone where I experienced issues with the client as stated in the other thread:

So it took me a couple of days to realize and repair the issue because the software wasn’t working correctly. I explained this to the other trader via chat. He wouldn’t even acknowledge the situation or my explanation, but all I got from the other trader as response was something in the realm of:

‘I paid the Fiat, it shows in my account, you received the money, now release BTC soon or I will contact mediator’

Besides this despicable message the other party wasn’t even able to confirm to trade protocol correctly by using a wrong(but similar) Reason for payment.

Given his behavior, attitude and misconduct in following protocol and also disrespect of the protocol by demanding from me to release BTC ASAP(without regards of accepted time windows), I decided to contact mediator myself. As this type of behavior might be part of a scam, where the scammer wants fast BTC release. But even if this isn’t I simply don’t want to trade with a human being like that.

But without any regard to this traders behaviour of pressure tactics and misconduct, the mediator instantly closed my dispute with the reason (Reason of payment was only slightly wrong, so nothing to worry about, pay out the BTC).

So my question is more of ethical or philosophical nature I guess. How does the bisq ommunity and specially the Moderators and arbitratos in this forum think about etiquette in regard of the use of bisq.

If I would encounter a trader/person f2f like that who would behave towards me in the manner I wouldn’t do a single trade with this person or anything else for that matter as I find this behaviour despicable.

Unfortunately here I was given no choice at least for now, I can still disagree with the mediators decision.
I’d like to hear the thoughts of the community what you think. And if you think traders should’ve the chance to deny a trade if they realize during the trade that the other party’s behaviour or etiquette becomes reasonably atrocious.

Thanks for your feedback on this topic.

Technical issues with Bisq or banks messing up has to be considered when using the Bisq platform.

Therefore being nice when communicating with the trading peer is required.

Using verbal pressure is unnecessary and claims like “it shows in my account” are ridiculous that proves nothing.

The trading peer can address the mediator after the period has passed and there is no need for sending grumpy messages to the trading peer.

You may consider to block the trading peers onion address in Bisq so that no further trades are possible with that peer.

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Traders should be understanding when experiencing a bug as they do happen from time to time, and being polite is in everyone’s best interest. However a trader being rude is not a valid reason to not hold up your end of the deal, and since you did in fact receive payment and were at that time able to confirm the mediator made the correct decision.

Trade protocol in trader chat says to keep conversation friendly and respectful.

‘I paid the Fiat, it shows in my account, you received the money, now release BTC soon or I will contact mediator’

This might not necessarily be a grumpy trader. English might not be their native language. Or they might be using a translator.

I always assume everyone is being friendly and add some old school text emojis to covey emotion


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