Why can't I send BTC from my electrum wallet?

Hi forum,

Today I updated the latest version of Bisq and apparently everything is going well. I didn’t use it for more than 8 months. Now I want to sell some BTC and when I tried to transfer the balance from my electrum wallet (last updated version used) to my bisq wallet, electrum can’t do it because a message saying it is an invalid identifier pops up. I tried both BTC wallets offered in my bisq instance, but to no avail. Is there any problem with my bisq internal BTC wallets?

Thanks for your help.

Bisq uses normal bech32 addresses, the ones starting with bc1q..., you can get one from under Funds > Receive funds, it’s the address at the bottom that has a QR code on the right side.
Electrum must be able to send bitcoin to that address

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I found it. Thank you very much. Now I see I use two other bisq BTC accounts in the past and today I sent the money to a third one. I want to sell the combined BTC balance in my bisq account. How can I transfer internally those other two into the third one?

I found an unexpected problem. According to my electrum wallet, the transfer is confirmed, but I don’t see the money in my Bisq wallet. I sent it to one of those provided in the ‘Funds’ tab but it’s not there. Why is that? I visited the mempool.space link to it and the balance is there. Why can’t I see it on my dashboard?

First question: you don’t need to consolidate the balance in your bisq wallet when you want to sell, bisq will do that automatically when you make or take an offer, as long as the total balance on top right is showing

Second question: did you send the btc to the address at the bottom under Funds > Receive funds? If yes, and if the tx is confirmed, it means your wallet state is not updated.

And SPV resync is in order in this case, but with current tor situation it could take a very long time, so also consider installing your own btc node

Thank you very much for the information. I confirm your second question, so I will have to wait. Thank you for the info on installing your won node. :wink:

Just curious. How long can that ‘long time’ be? I transferred the money more than one week ago and it didn’t arrive to my bisq account yet. Is there something I can do to make it happen sooner?

I suggested you do spv resync to pick up the incoming transfer, did you do it?

No. I don’t know how to do that. Could you please tell me how?


this can take quite a long time in some situations, if you use your own bitcoin node the process will be much smoother

Thank you very much. :wink: