Why does SEPA payment need e-mail?

I don’t remember that this was needed before. What mail should I use? My bank-related mail? Isn’t that leaving the door open to SCAMs? Is that necessary?

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Here is what Manfred said in the release notes about it.

And what e-mail must be there? Any? Giving my main private mail doesn’t seem a good way of protecting privacy.
I still don’t get it.

Hey mnm, I would check out protonmail. New feature is just there to facilitate comms between the traders. If the person giving you cash is fishy, wrong trade code or wrong bank account you can talk to them first via email before going to arbitrator. Hopefully it’s a useful thing.

You can use any email address and there are plenty of services where you can setup an anonymous email (tutanota.com is pretty good).
We had once change back case (first and only one) with ClearXchange (USD) and if the BTC seller would have had contacted the peer it would not have happened (was prob. stolen bank account case, but still not much info).

Also with SEPA charge back is possible and specially if crime was involved (stolen accounts). So the BTC seller needs a way to protect himself against that risk and can contact the buyer by the provided email and check his identity.

We will work in future on more sophisticated solutions in that area (decentrl. reputation system,…) but that will take some time and effort and the fastest way to give better protection for BTC sellers is to enable direct contact for the traders. Then it is up to them if they prefer more privacy/convenience and take a certain risk into account or more security.

The way I see this, is a big change in the trading protocol, and for me it’s not very clear. A dispute could end in favor to btc seller just because the buyer didn’t respond to a mail? What kind of info should be given to the seller? If he asks for proof of residency and a photo of me holding my ID card like any other centralized exchange, should I do that?

I assume it is just so the seller can ask for a specific “payment reason” to be specified so in case the account is controlled by someone else they can see something is fishy.

I wrote up a longer response here: https://forum.bisq.io/t/new-requirement-for-payment-accounts-with-charge-back-risk/2376

Besides using email as a compulsory method of communication, what do you think about including another 2 fields Bitmessage and Tox? Then the user would have a choice on what type of communication he wants to use. After all, email is not that safe in general.

Yes agree. Best would be the in-app chat. Thats all encrypted and signed by default and over Tor. But that will require a bit of extra effort. Email can be assumed that everyone has. Choosing other channels like Tox, Riot, Signals… will cause more troubles as some people will not have it… Bitmessage is very slow from my past experience.

This way it’s up to you as the buyer if you accept to send whatever documents the seller requests.