Why doesn't anyone want to sell their BSQs?

I left a BSQ purchase offer for days that never received a response. True, the amount was minimal (because it would have been my first BSQ purchase and I wanted to try), but at the same time I had set their counter value in BTC to the maximum, in fact my offer was almost always among the first in the list in profit order for the seller.
Could anyone tell me why no one has ever accepted? What should I have changed? Where was I wrong? Are there any other ways to get hold of a minimal amount of BSQ?
I also followed the other BSQ purchase offers that were listed along with mine, and based on their amount, I realized that many of those have never ended and are still open. Is there a shortage of BSQs?

I’m going to guess that mining fees has something to do with this.

The taker would have to pay for “taking” your offer (one mining fee) + sending you the BSQ (second mining fee).

If it really was for a small amount, it might look unattractive.

Even if you made an offer for a higher amount, If it was priced under what they received it for, they might not want to sell it.

Right now, acquiring a small amount of BSQ might be difficult, which is why we should probably open the #buy-bsq channel on keybase just like we have for #buy-bitcoin.


Yes I agree, selling small amounts of BSQ is currently unattractive due to mining fees.

Offers of 50 BSQ or over will likely get taken quickly if they are competitively priced.

Thanks a lot to both of you for the suggestions and explanations!
I don’t have KeyBase, how does buying the first BTCs (and therefore BSQs, in the future) work there? What are the guarantees for the two parties?

I did a full user experience report for a seller trying to help a new user and proposed a partial solution to high costs for trading low amounts. Selling 30BSQ is too expensive. A partial solution is bonded trading. · Discussion #5301 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub

Send me a DM here if you don’t want to use Keybase, although it’s quite easy and fast to setup. I have set up a bond at the DAO, it will be taken from me if I misbehave. You’ll send first, though.

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I was able to buy a small amout of BSQ recently. I had to leave Bisq running for nearly a day, so that the offer was available as people came and went across various timezones. Sometimes we get brief moments of lower fees during the weekend, making such offers more attrative.