Why don't I have any locked or reserved funds?

So I run two offers from the same account on two different computers (which is very unfortunate, I guess) but on both clients it shows me “0 available balance”, “0 reserved funds” and “0 locked funds”. However, I am pretty sure that I deposited for each offer 0.01 BTC?! I think it is not possible to have an open offer as buyer and not lock any funds, right?

I was thinking about cancelling both offers and then I should get back the locked funds, right? But then I lose the maker fee.

By the same account, do you mean same payment method account or the same wallet and data directory as well?

You can try deleting SPV chain file in Settings to resync with the Bitcoin network if the funds aren’t showing. If it is a GUI issue, you would also be able to withdraw your funds with cmd+e.

So I did not cancel the trade yet but with the update there is a little more information. When I go to Funds and then “Reserved Funds” it says under Details:

“Reserved in local wallet for offer with ID: XY” and then the address and the balance “0.00”. When I go to the address it indeed has 0 balance. It might be that I somehow transferred it to my other wallets but I thought that I can’t have an open order without reserved funds?

Is the offer still valid?

EDIT: Deleting the SPV chain file did not restore any balance. I actually think that I transferred all funds to my other wallet but I thought this balance was locked ?

It is not. If you moved the deposit that was reserved for that trade, no one will be able to take your offer. You should remove it as soon as possible so that you don’t generate issues for the network.

If you use cmd+e to transfer your funds, your offers will become unavailable. This is why it shouldn’t be used unless it is an emergency and there is no other way to fix the issue.

We have seen half a dozen cases where some people have the idea to use the same account from different machines.
And in all cases there are problems.
… which seems quite normal:

  • since Bisq is not a centralized thing which you access from here or there, but a decentralized network where each user stores his own data on his own personal machine.
  • since Bisq initially is not designed to handle such use case.
    (Apologies if I’m wrong)

If I’m not wrong, I think we’ll have to write something asking people to avoid putting the network (and themselves) in such complicated situations.

What is cmd+e ? I did not do anything special, I think I just sent my funds somehow to another wallet…

cmd+e is an emergency wallet tool.
(Disclaimer : it should only be used in emergency cases)

I definately did not use cmd+e