Why is my buy offers all grayed out

Please explain to me someone: On one of my machines ( v1.1.2) all my buy offers grayed out with the warning that my account was created after March 1st 2019.
Is this an issue specific to this version of software?

This limit was introduced with version 1.1.0
https://bisq.network/roadmap/ -> https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq/pull/2801

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Thanks. What is the condition for lifting time restriction on the account?

From your side (if I understand well the question), there is nothing you can do.
But we know that those limits are annoying for many users, and hopefully some of those limits may be softened with the next release.

What I am trying to ask is what time period should elapse for my account to be considered mature enough to allow me to accept Zelle buy offers?

You already can take and make offers that are under 0.01 BTC.
There is nothing you can do currently to increase that limit and no time frame is currently going to lift those limits.

We will have to wait for one of the next software releases to see those limits lift.

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I think a better word to describe the feeling would be “disappointing” as I too hadn’t realized being locked-out of accessing virtually all BTC Sell orders on the platform. But on the upside this might encourage BTC Sell offers in lower increments (01btc/$100) which in my view is safer for new users to try the platform.

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Impossible to take offers – all EUR offers grayed out. :disappointed_relieved: SEPA and Revolut over 0.01 BTC. When is the next software release?

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Normally today or tomorrow.
(But afaik alas the trade limits won’t be changed).

Great! :star_struck:

I still can’t take offers. My SEPA account age is over 130 days old and it’s showing Max. trade limit: 0.25 BTC, but offers grayed out anyway.

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Are absolutely all offers grayed ?
Both sell side and buy side ?
If this is the case, did you already verify that your onion address is not blacklisted ?

No, not absolutely all offers are grayed. Faster Payments in GBP and Altcoins are not grayed on “Take offer to buy” (green) side.
On the “Take offer to sell” (red) side most of the offers are not grayed.
I don’t think that my onion address were blacklisted, because I could create new offer to buy BTC and the trade was successful. (I don’t know, where to check if my onion address is blacklisted.)

Make a search with your onion here, and you may know.

I made an error in my previous post, sorry.
I meant , are all EUR offers really grayed out in your appli ?

I did it just right now, and couldn’t find anything.

Yes. The green ones, but not the red ones.

That seems not normal.
I see at least one offer < 0.01 BTC.
You should verify by PM with @ManfredKarrer if your onion is not blacklisted

Now I also saw 0.01 BTC/EUR offers but not those offers more than 0.01 BTC/EUR.