Why is no-one selling/buying Ether (ETH) on Bisq?

Many times during the day and night, i have hardly seen any offers of ETH, neither ETH classic. is it just me? whats up with this?

One, bisq has relatively few users atm.

Two, I think that many bisq users share the vision of the founders/developers of a non-profit decentralized exchange with a decentralized management and funding model (the DAO). Thus, you see altcoins such as Monero and Siacoin with a consistently high share of trades on the platforms. Ethereum, being a centralized blockchain and used as a for-profit launch pad for sketchy “ICO’s” is in a away the opposite of what bisq represents. For this reason, I think bisq early adopters simply aren’t big ETH fans.

One + two = few bisq users that don’t favor ETH

Eventually this should change as bisq gains popularity and the “normies” start using the platform for trading.

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We had in the past many ETH trades but for some reasons they left. Maybe they are more interested in pure ETH based exchanges (nothing out there as far I know).
Maybe it was that they did not like that we have been the first exchange which listed ETC?


I am planning soon to start exchange here ETH, ETC, REP, GNT, GNO, DGD antd over 50 more coins. :slight_smile:
Only problem, some I like to exchange not on list here ((GNT,GNO,ZEC) hope Btsqr add them soon…


A great to hear! Just make a request for adding an altcoin.

Officially it requires a PR for an address validation but if the altcoin sparks enough interest and we see that people are really willing to trade it we can make exceptions.
Most of the altcoins added never got traded at all, so that extra small hurdle with a PR should help to filter those out who are not very serious and professional.