Why is there a second output on my funding tx?

I click on an offer to sell 0.0625 BTC for 494.02 EUR

when i want to transfer the funds to the trade wallet with my ledger nano s i have to confirm the transaction for the 1. output and afterwards a 2. output.

The first output is the right amount and the trade wallet adress but the second output is 1.9 BTC to an unknown address.

for what are the 1.9 BTC ?

I am no developer and my knowledge about bitcoin is only rudimentary therefore i am not 100% sure if i did something wrong. I tried different tx fees to see if the 2. amount changes but it is always the same.

hopefully someone has an answer because i really like the concept and philosophy of bisq

I assume it is the change address to your ledger. In Bitcoin unspent transaction outputs are always spent completely and if you don’t want to spend all the BTC on one address (more correct: UTXO) you add another output to yourself (change). So I assume you have about 2 BTC on one address and send over 0.0625 BTC to Bisq so the change would be about 1.9… BTC.

I edit the title so users don’t get wrong impression…

thanks for your fast response and sorry for the exaggerated title.

That makes sense. i recently transferred from several wallets and exchanges to a new segwit address and because of the daily whithdraw limit of some exchanges i made several 2 BTC transactions to my new address.
It is probably connected to this transactions in the way you mentioned.

but shouldn’t the second output in this case go back to my own sender address because it is a one i don’t know myself.

ah! i just read about the change address and that this is a bug with ledger and segwit because usually the second output is in the background and it doesnt ask for confirmation.

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