Why isn't Bisq booming?

Not at ease using Bisq

Here’s the funny thing. I understand and appreciate what Bisq is all about. I think it’s superior to many alternatives trading Bitcoin for fiat. I understand this on a rational level. But, when it comes to actually sending money to someone mostly anonymous and then when things go wrong relying on an arbitrator who is completely anonymous … I don’t know

The decentralized nature of Bisq, it’s forte, turns into a psychological barrier. I found it easier to trade on localbitcoins. I only stopped when LBC started to ask for ID’s which they’ll store in a centralized database, ready to be attacked.

To gain trust I’m now doing EUR200 deals with accounts that are over 100 days old. A slow process

I don’t understand Steemit. And nobody heard from Arcade City again in the last year.

Can someone name a decentralised web application that is booming?

Security and decentralization will improve further with the DAO.
Hopefully that will accelerate Bisq’s growth, but these things take time.

Bisq is still very young, as is Bitcoin to some extent.
It can take years before Bisq grows substantially, but as far as I can see, Bisq is always growing.

Mastodon has more than one million users.
not booming, but it grows nicely.

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decentralized, federated softwares list: https://the-federation.info/

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I am a fan of localbitcoins, but your trust in their arbitrators is unfounded. The Kangas bros pay their arbitrators minimum wage. All of their minions in Finland get paid in Euro… Their entire domestic workgroup saw zero benefit in the market upswing and are extremely disgruntled.

Providing incentive through a DAO is way more functional than two bros blindly making their way through a corporate boondoggle.