Why there are so few small-amount offers?

Hi, I am a newbie at bisq and wanted to make my first transaction (buy btc for fiat via SEPA). I have noticed that the prices are much higher than I expected (hundreds of €). I certainly do not want to invest/trade such high amounts.

So my question:

  • Why there are so few small-amount offers? Is it because of the fees? Are there “some fees” that make low amounts non-profitable? What is the pivot price that makes it profitable?
  • What if I create a small-amount offer ~25€? Will it get accepted?


You got that right, it’s uneconomical to trade small amounts as fees will proportionally increase; sum that with the spread of the offers, they won’t be really taken. You can check in Market > Trades to see the usual amounts, I’d say most common is 0.01btc, lower not so much.
The difference from the normal market price is due to the bisq market itself.
One day, if the volume of trades increases, there will be more competition between offer makers and the spread will decrease.
To your specific question, no, I don’t think yous 25€ offer will be taken easily, you might have to wait many days before it does.

This thread explains it well: How to make your offers more successful? - #7 by schizo


25€ for an offer would have at least 5 eur as costs, so it’s not practical. I’d say at least 100 eur and that seems still very low. I know it’s scary to use Bisq for the first time, but it’s quite safe as long as you follow the rules. If you are doing DCA, instead of weekly do it monthly and if monthly, bimonthly to save enough money to reach higher amounts per trade.
To get your account signed, the lower limit is 0.0025 BTC. If I wanted to sign my account I would take an offer from a BTC seller who can sign your accounts, and once signed, create my own offers.