Will Paypal be supported?

I am in the US and have a credit union that most exchanges will not link to. But I do have a Paypal account. Will Paypal be supported as a payment method?

What about credit cards? I have a sizable limit on my credit card, I could use that also if there are no additional fees. One exchanged charged another 5% just for using a credit card. I know the merchants have to pay a fee, but that’s a fairly high fee for me.

I don’t think so, Paypal and credit cards are able to make a take back, so is only good for scammers.


And it isn’t just the payor that you need to trust. PayPal itself imposes arbitrary “hold” periods on funds received. Trading of digital currencies with PayPal payment is against their terms-of-service as well.

It might work for some traders, especially with trust history/ratings, just PayPal as a payment method would likely bring Bisq network more bad than good.

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