Will using bisq to convert bitcoin to cash get the recipients account closed?

I have someone I’m trying to contract to produce some video work. But, the platform being used takes a 40% cut of all transactions. Square or something like that would be lower, but Square might ban the accounts of her other businesses if they notice the charge for “sexy lady builds computer”.

Bisq seems like a suitable alternative. But, I hear banks have been known to close accounts associated with the purchase of bitcoin. If I sell the bitcoins, and send her account dollars through bisq is there still a decent probability the bank would close her account?

Well Bisq isn’t a company, so there is no bank account associated with Bisq.
All trades are P2P so a seller will always get their money from an individual, just like himself.

That being said, this is not really a use case Bisq was built for, so I am not aware of all the possible complications, although I do remember someone already exploring this alternative months ago.

So in conclusion, Bisq does a lot to make payments not look like they have anything to do with Bitcoin or Bisq (by providing strict trading rules in P2P trades), for this exact reason. However, not using your own account for trading on Bisq is something you would be doing on your own risk, although we would very much appreciate you share your experience and ideas with the community.