Wise requesting personal information of sender from recipient?

According to my online banking account I have made a successful payment to my trading partner’s Wise account. However my trading partner sent me a message to say there is a problem and that Wise are requesting more information from them about me the sender:

We need more info so that we can finish adding the payment of ??? that was sent to your account.

Wise is a safe and regulated way to send money. And sometimes we need to double check some info about the person or business sending you money.

If the sender is a person, we need to know their full legal name, date of birth, and the country they live in.

I am not familiar with Wise (formerly TransferWise) but it seems wrong for them to ask their account holder to obtain such personal information from the person making a payment to their account. Indeed it seems a personal security risk.

I would have thought the sending and receiving banks have sufficient safeguards and information exchange in place to satisfy the above request and that the account holders should not be required to pass personal information to each other?

Are there any Wise account holders or otherwise who can enlighten me on this request?

(At this time of writing we are within the “Max. allowed trade period” so we cannot request a mediator just yet, but some prior help would be welcome.)

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Wise do this often. It is annoying.

I cannot see how they can verify the senders / recipients address / DOB / country or residence without them also being a customer.

If it was me I being asked to provide information about my peer I would make something up and send it to them.

If I was being asked for the information I would give them information that was not accurate.

Wise is convenient when it works and a lot of traders use them, but they are also annoying with all the additional KYC requests etc.

FYI you can request a mediator at any time. Just select the trade and press Ctrl + O

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Thanks for the ‘Ctrl + O’ reminder, I have now informed the mediator of our situation and ask for suggestions of how to move forward with this.

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