Withdraw Confirmation taking more than 10 hours

I guess eventually my transaction will go thru but it really sucks to have to wait that long for a damn confirmation. I’m going to travel and decided to withdraw funds from Bisq and keep it inside my Samourai Wallet (Android).

A segwit (bech32) transfer takes just a few minutes to go thru and costs way less. Would be nice to have a timeframe for Bisq upgrade. There was a thread about Bisq depending on Coinj but they already updated to bech32.

Maybe they don’t want to upgrade so users have incentive to use BSQ?

I really want to like Bisq but sometimes I feel like Rihanna dating Chris Brown.

We know it’s a pain not having segwit, but take into consideration dlthat segwit transactions are lighter, not cheaper per se. Miners don’t mind if a transaction uses segwit, they mind how much are you willing to pay for every byte of your transaction.
You need to take into account the says/byte of the latest blocks to estimate the amount to pay, and change it Bisq mining fee setup before sending funds out of Bisq. You can use mempool.space calculate it.