Withdraw transaction stuck / not found

So I wanted to withdraw my BTC but for some reason it looks like the transaction is stuck, I payed the fee. It’s been like 12hours already.
When I’m clicking on the transaction ID link it says that it is not found -_-
Can sb help me with this ?

Hi. Can you check what transaction fee was used?

How can I check that ?
I know that it should be in the transaction but…
This is the url of my transaction:


Are you using a custom transaction fee under SETTINGS and if so, how much?


Looks like i have similar problem to this dude altough i didn’t send my fund to electrum legacy wallet:

But I don’t get what he is telling and what is an SPV

They mean ‘Resync SPV chain’. The Bisq wallet keeps a list of your addresses and this will basically will make it resync it. It’ll take some resources. Ideally it’ll rebroadcast the transaction, this time successfully.

Y but I don’t know how to do that, what to delete or wth,
oh you linked me to issues with it :smiley: thanks i will take a look on that.

Look like the resync of SPV chain worked,