Withdrawal from BitSquare Unsuccessful

Withdrawal from BitSquare Unsuccessful

I am new a this but I have read for 3 hours on the internet and I’m still confused at how to fix my issue. So I finally decided to post her.

So far I have deposited two deposit transactions into my BitSquare.

I tried withdrawing a small amount of funds from my BitSquare wallet. a few days ago and instead, I had .0006 BTC withdrawn from my wallet. Instead of the full amount.

None of that was withdrawn into my External Wallet of choice. Also, I was charged the 0006 BTC twice which I will probably not get back?

Please show me how this will work without failing to withdraw again. Also I would like to avoid being charged excessive fees for no reason.

Appreciate all you do for the community.

Thank you!

Hi, that is very strange. Can you send me screenshots and more details as PM or email (manfred@bitsquare.io)?
There are only the miner fee when doing a withdrawal.
Only at a trade you have a fee and a security deposit which u get back after the trade is completed.
So there must be either a strange bug (never heard of such a situation u describe) or some strange confusion. You did not do a trad, right?
So can u send me a screenshot of the Funds/Transactions screen?
As well send me the wallet details. You get that by clicking alt+j. There u see all wallet transactions. You dont need to send me the pub keys, just the transactions. Dont check “include priv keys”!