Withdrawing funds to bank account

Can i withdraw my funds in Bisq and deposit into my fiat bank account in Australia?

Bisq software works to help make trade btc between normal people like yourself.
When you trade with someone on bisq, aud is only transferred to or from the person you have made a trade with.
If you are trading bitcoin for a supported altcoin, you provide an altcoin address that your trading partner will deposit into.

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Got it … sort of.

So, I can withdraw funds from my fiat bank account to Bisq to trade with but I cant deposit them back into my fiat bank account right?

You never deposit into or withdraw fiat funds from Bisq.

Everything fiat-related happens outside of Bisq—through your bank’s web UI, for example.

Bisq’s exchange protocol orchestrates the process of settling a bitcoin trade in fiat, but the actual fiat payment from buyer to seller happens manually, using whatever fiat payment method the two parties have agreed to use.

To understand this in more detail, please read https://github.com/bisq-network/docs/blob/master/dao/phase-zero.adoc#how-bisq-works.

Thank you so much