Withdrawl no confirmations just hanging

As the title says i attempted to withdraw 0.0068 (not a great deal) to an address and its just been hanging ever since 26th march.

then on the same day i withdrew 0.02 to the same address which did go through.

what will happen to that first amount,it seems to just be lost in limbo,will it ever give up trying to get a confirmation and just come back to my wallet?

its a bit of a worry,i know its only a small amount but it puts me off using bisq for larger amounts.

Don’t worry, you always have access to your Bisq funds as long as you know your seed words.

Could you copy the transaction id here so we can check it out with a block explorer?

thanks for the reply

how can i check that i know my seed words?
i have 9 random words on piece of paper but its been knocking around so long it could be anything :stuck_out_tongue:

That transaction seems like it was never broadcasted to the Bitcoin network.
You might want to try using emergency wallet tool with cmd+e to withdraw those funds.

I can’t check your seed words, since then I would have access to your bitcoins and you don’t want to trust anyone with that. I can just tell you that there are 12 seed words in Bisq and you can see them by going to Account->Wallet seed.

i wasnt actually asking you to check my seed words ,im not quite that silly :stuck_out_tongue:

when i open emergency wallet tool its showing the total amount of what i have,balance,reserved funds and locked in trades but that lost in limbo amount is not part ot the final amount, its just gone into limbo

the confirmation circle is just spinning endlessly,i was hoping that eventually it would just give up and give the funds back

You might need to delete the SPV chain file in Settings and restart the app twice then.

I also remember someone saying here that ctrl+r allowed them to revert a transaction, but I am not sure about what it really does and if it works. Maybe @ManfredKarrer can help us confirm that this command removes the transaction as it never happened in Bisq if it didn’t confirm on the blockchain.

Yes resync of spv file should work. If not then u can restore the wallet from the seed words. Make a back up before to be safe.
Ctrl+r (revert) should not be used. Causes more problems as it helps as most nodes will reject a double spend attempt.

Thanks for the help guys,that indeed seems to have cleared up alot of mess,
to be totally honest im not 100% sure it refunded the limbo coin because i forgot to add up what should be there in total before resyncing that spv file and thought DOH as it reset but it does look about right.

like i said tho it is alot cleaner in there now with no spinny confirmations waiting to happen .

so thanks again for your time.