Withdrawn from wallet, trade does not appear, my BTC locked

I made 2 transactions to buy BTC, but instead of Multisig details, I received “Withdrawn from wallet” messages as you see at the figure, My BTC are locked and no sign of the traders at the Portfolio Tab.

Please help me!!

I don’t know what could cause this issue.

You should make an issue on GitHub about it.

Already did that, thanks

Still the same here on my Bisq =(

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You should post your transaction ID and see if any arbitrator knows if the trade is locked in his multisig.

thanks, how can I do that? I am a newbie here

I can’t give you exact steps since it requires a bit of manual research to figure out which transaction is the one that funded that trade.

In the screen above you have a list to all transactions, click on the ones closest to the time your trade has started and put the transaction ID in a block explorer like bitaps.com. That should allow you to see where bitcoins moved and if they are still there or somewhere else.

There are multiple ways to do this, but they require some basic understanding of how Bisq trades work.