Withdrawn with Low Fee (3 sat/b)

Hello, I tried to withdrawn some Bitcoins from my Bisq wallet but I set a small fee and I got stuck. Although I’m not in a hurry is there anyway to increase fee by Bisq plataform? Thanks.

Read carefully BSQ transaction not confirming
and act accordingly.
And absolutely avoid using such low fees !
10 sat/byte is a minimum minimorum.
For the last hours fees are > 175 sat/byte.

Yes. When i was buying the dip it was good 3sat/b, and it was set this way. Now I know that and have already changed it. Do I have to do something or just wait a week maybe 2 weeks?

It depends on the Bitcoin network. If your transaction is still not confirmed, maybe it was dropped after couple of days and forgotten by the network.

In future, you can always use CPFP method for bumping up the fees for any Bitcoin transaction where you control the receiving address.