Working on the GUI

Hi guys,

For the last few days I’ve been mainly working to improve the GUI. Biggest reason for this is I have a 1024x768 IBM T60 laptop and the screen was being compressed, with overlapping icons in the menu bar.

This will also be good news for users of the larger Android tablets I expect.

It’s starting to look pretty good, even if I do say so myself.

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Feel free to make a PR…

Sure, but I’ll wait until I get a price feed for Verge working. :slight_smile:

Maybe a few more days.

Manfred, where can I find the colour selection for the shaded area in the spread chart on the Offer Book view? That orange is really pale and I want to make it a little darker but I’ve looked everywhere and can’t locate where to change it.

I even tried the .css sheets. :shrug:

I think the color is in the css but derived from a base color. Would need to search as well…

Fixed. Go to bitsquare.css and change this line:

-bs-buy-transparent: derive(-bs-buy, 75%); /* was 95% */

And here’s the result.

I changed the color.

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