Worried about doing Bank transfer to an unsigned account with 0 age

My account is signed and I’ve never had a problem to date. I created an offer to buy BTC with AUD.

An unsigned peer with payment account age 0 has accepted my offer.

The transaction is for me to buy 0.02675BTC for $719 AUD. I’m worried about transferring this amount to an unsigned account with 0 age.

When I transfer the money, if they are a bad actor and never click “I received the money”, is the full 0.02675 BTC from the seller locked in escrow or do they only have 15% that I set when I created the offer?

The first block hasn’t confirmed. I’m hoping for a quick answer so that I can initiate the payment to their bank account.

Thank you.

The btc-seller locks the trade amount + security deposit. So if they misbehave you should be able to get the trade amount + their security deposit. Here you can learn more about the trading rules.

Thanks very much for the information huey.

And it was handy to re-read the trading rules. And I see that the BTC seller wears more risk (due to say fiat charge-backs) than the BTC buyer (me) as their entire btc trade amount is locked.

Expecting first confirmation in another 5 - 6 hours as mempool higher than I’ve seen it in ages… but I’ll make the payment asap after confirmation.

Thanks again for your help. Cheers.

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