Worried I've lost half my funds

Hi - I know I’ve been a bit of a fool here but hopefully this is recoverable?

What happened: my computer died last night so I frantically imported my seed key on my partner’s computer. All seem fined as my ‘available balance’ was correctly displaying as 0.22ishBTC.

This morning, like an idiot, I logged back in on the original PC after fixing it. Again the balance showed correctly, so I assumed all was fine. However, now after selling about 0.055 my ‘available balance’ in top right is showing as just 0.0847. In reality it should be 0.17ish - as confirmed when I open the ‘funds / transactions’ page and do the calculations starting with my first deposit.

So basically my available balance is about half the size that it should be. (My ‘reserved’ and ‘locked’ funds both show as empty, and my sales today have ample confirmations on the blockchain.)

Can anyone help me understand what’s happened / recover my full balance? (I daren’t try logging into the second computer again unless told it’s safe to do so…)

If you managed to recover your data from the original computer, I think it’s better to keep working there.
Did you do any transaction at the recovery computer?
After retrieving the original computer, did you import the backup from the recovery computer or did you just keep with the original set of data? That’s important specially if you did any transaction on the recovery computer.

You might want to try to make a backup (so you can make sure you can always go back to current state) and try a SPV resync. Resyncing SPV file - Bisq Wiki
This will search again all UTXO’s on your wallet, in case there is some transaction missing.

First I would look carefully at Funds - Transactions to make sure there isn’t something you’re not accounting properly.

Hi Mnm,

No I did no transactions on the recovery computer. I literally just logged in, saw the correct balance, and went “phew”. I haven’t logged back in on the recovery computer since.

Once back on the original computer, I didn’t import any backup from the recovery one. I just resumed using it as normal with the original set of data.

I just deleted the SPV file now and resynced it, and nothing has changed. It still says balance 0.08477250.

My total fund transaction history is pasted below (I only started using Bisq yesterday). Based on the history my available balance should be double…

Getting really worried now :frowning:

Date/Time Details Address Transaction ID Amount in BTC Memo Confirmations
15/04/2021 12:41 Multisig payout: MRfnASk Received with: bc1qrnut4d2xqauy3xd9qz2kyakyvekfu2p7jxkqfj 9a8a8c2a69ad8007d8d8f08724725e9cf9572fe2c930fa0963c2becd6aa00cf3 0.00845 7
15/04/2021 11:38 Multisig deposit: MRfnASk Sent to: bc1qnyr7vgh7knuktmhfzfj2u49wcqfg8v7vver25djj96afdkuhgxsqe602v3 81bccc5a2d889a2278aed4e6a17f8db44d7515d4b79762963223ab3b96222432 -0.03345 12
15/04/2021 09:36 Multisig payout: ovcmhd Received with: bc1q6esv6xx0en382njwgxj06tgyx2pekd5tfa3hnc 2798ffceafdf43ccb24caa2fca0d46a301f9f954001f6bf93026207cecca6897 0.0075 33
15/04/2021 09:13 Multisig deposit: ovcmhd Sent to: bc1qtcxdvaeew9rpgw5u49qjuf06gk6nyr8ptz72ywdkauescln9f3tquaa86y c2642fed753148b1c4c0f07c909740a6c4eb2201ec595c3d62308a9d9af8ce0a -0.03804056 37
15/04/2021 09:09 Taker and tx fee: ovcmhd Sent to: 19qA2BVPoyXDfHKVMovKG7SoxGY7xrBV8c f99039ad4f13b3a4ecef490e60665df478ddd2d697900342f74c6c6e497fa0fa -0.00048028 38
14/04/2021 11:35 Maker and tx fee: MRfnASk Sent to: 3EfRGckBQQuk7cpU7SwatPv8kFD1vALkTU 012bc9924b02a30c0fe482d5d0828f1926163b26bf32fc64d28adcbb2b2a2d13 -0.000204 170
14/04/2021 11:30 Maker and tx fee: dffjtdqc Sent to: 3EfRGckBQQuk7cpU7SwatPv8kFD1vALkTU 52ce5f9f6e767f412390b023e6229d48c2e7f0ea705f7b862cae5794c0354ebb -0.0002075 171
14/04/2021 11:26 Received funds Received with: bc1qa804pqcd23hnx9mt002yc4n3crf5uqmpvx682y 3c6dcebd826a01e3d8a866f2e454893c67b6d213a0c8811c13e64e05b80303cd 0.2254175 172
14/04/2021 11:15 Multisig payout: p5KPQ3 Received with: bc1qhecjwqtjt2jgtttj7ppzwcfvy3a6huthvyn8n8 cdf3e1e864c276ebd061b439d73c1c84aecde50db2922e5a473746b772912098 0.0063225 173
14/04/2021 10:39 Multisig deposit: p5KPQ3 Sent to: bc1qf773k3784kzgtefr3dfs45zaykzgxjpeknclsrqztngp5qlw3ljs7akwcr 64dfbac0770b846c71ee0443d7ba401498a1f82560a9df7519e7540bccb09097 -0.0313225 177
13/04/2021 13:29 Received funds Received with: bc1q45jv87lymg6d9whnr8xn5hqs3f2rcnnn9qqmqa 1fe1dfcd7ce7031261621bb74918a0e1f8295cffd723acdbc9c19aa58ddde6ff 0.03147225 287
13/04/2021 13:29 Maker and tx fee: p5KPQ3 Sent to: 1EKXx73oUhHaUh8JBimtiPGgHfwNmxYKAj b04986d7e334b234694242d91d8f80c13baff0d764c135a7c68a2f54abc5ba8e -0.00014975 287

Update2: ok I logged into the recovery PC and sure enough 0.175309BTC is sat there waiting for me to use. So panic over, I think. Is it safe for me to go ahead and use the recovery PC henceforth? (My original PC will probably die again shortly). Or should I just sweep all my funds off Bisq & create a brand new account?

Update: after re-doing the sums I can see that I should have a balance of 0.175309BTC after today’s trades. Instead my balance is 0.0847725BTC. That’s a shortfall of ~0.0905, and I can see an output on the blockchain for that exact sum here: mempool - Bitcoin Explorer

So it seems the probem has occurred with bc1qvkzw6077hele7wa0gtznqyyw75wju2srmrcl70 I guess somehow Bisq has failed to recognise that 0.0905 change as mine? If so, how would I go about trying to claim those missing funds? (Might they be sitting on the recovery computer? I can login to check… but don’t want to do so unless it’s definitely safe…)

(Slightly more optimistic now…)

You can use the recovery computer as many times as you need, but don’t make any trades or transactions.
It’s strange that a spv resync did not result into a correct balance, sometimes it fails though.

If you feel like you want to start again, you can use the emergency wallet or even export the seed into an external wallet.

Bugs for the wallet that end in funds lost are extremely rare, I’m most inclined into thinking that the balance is not displayed correctly.

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