Wrong available balance on new installed PC

Hi all.
Moving to a new PC I jump into this situation:

I bought a new PC and install bisq.
I exported the account from the old PC and imported in the new one (everything was fine)
Afterwords I inserted the 12 words in order to let the
bisq wallet to get the private key and dig into the blockchain to filter out the right balance.

(Wallet seed -> Restore Wallet from words.: + 12 words)

It took some time, but at the end of “sync” it appears a balance > 0 but half in compare to the original balance.
If I run bisq on the old PC I see the right balance (double in comparison with the balance on the new PC)

The date that I see is wallet date is the Unix origin (1 January 1970)

Was my procedure right?

P.S. both version bisq 0.66 and bisq 0.67

Try deleting the SPV file chain in Settings and restarting the app twice, that should resync your client with the Bitcoin network.

It would probably be better if in future you simply copy the data directory to the new PC (backups copy data directories as well), than your Bisq installation should be identical as nothing ever changed, but I guess this gives you all you need as well, just a little more work.

To import the seed words is likely not enough. Best is that you make a backup from the old app and copy over that backup to the new computers data directory. You can open the data directory in account/backup.