Wrong BIC: Confirm payment Reciepe or not?

Hi there! I sold Bitcoins for EUR and the money has arrived in my bank account. Name and IBAN is correct, but the BIC is different, than the one shown in the account of the buyer. Can I release the Bitcoin or do I need to open a dispute or arbitration? Thanks in advance!

Well the trade technically breaks the rules by providing different information.

Have you opened a trader chat to inquire as to why?

The important point when receiving money is the question if you one match the payment with the sender. So I would order the importance of the following piece of information as follows:

  1. Name of sender (another name may indicate an unauthorized/hacked account has been used)
  2. Amount received
  3. Reason for payment (not really necessary if the payment can be identified with point 1 and 2)
  4. IBAN

Some details are unreliable as for instance the IBAN that may be suppressed in certain countries and BIC etc. may be wrong entirely because it has changed in the meantime (closed branches etc.).

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Thanks for the reply. I have decided to release the payment after a chat with the trader, because it was only the BIC that was wrong (his bank changed it recently), while everything else was matching. Trader doesn’t want to create a new account due to the restrictions with new accounts.

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Maybe if he creates a new account with new BIC the account will get signed automatically, and will only have to wait for 30 days while limits lift and using the old account for trading.

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