Wrong country deposited with the account

Hello, unfortunately I have a big problem:

When I made a purchase, a seller correctly opened a disput, because the specified account is not in Germany, but in Malta. I have recreated the account, as I wanted to exclude accounts from Bulgaria, because my bank asked for ID when making a transfer. I created the account with the correct Maltese IBAN, but entered Germany as the country (which is obviously wrong for everyone, since the IBAN always starts with the country abbreviation). As far as I know, I now have to pay a penalty, which is fine with me, since I wasn’t paying attention after all). However, I still have another three trades open, where the same account is deposited :frowning: If I may ask, what do I do there best now? I am still relatively new here…

If they’re already going on, open mediation by yourself, so good intention is plausible.
Also, tell that to the mediator of the trade where the dispute is already going on, so he can get ready for those cases.

If the 3 trades were still not taken (in open offers tab) they can be removed from there, you’ll only lose the small trading and mining fees.


Or you can edit them to swap to the correct account and not lose any fees. You do this by clicking the little pencil symbol in ‘my open offers’ tab. Once they have been accepted and moved to ‘open trades’ they can no longer be edited.


Thank you, with good communication everything could be clarified.

Glad the situation is resolved. We are looking to make sure IBANs are verified by country to stop this from happening again.