Wrong password

I just added a password to bitsquare, but it constantly tells me I have a wrong password (I am 100% sure I am typing it correctly, and originally entered it correctly). I went to use the forgot password feature, but it is asking for ‘seed words’ which I could not access because it was saying my password was wrong.

Whats the deal? I can’t even get into the app now.

Check if caps lock is turned on or if your keyboard has some issues with a key (type the passwood into a text file and then copy it).
Do you have BTC in the wallet?
The seed words are used to recover your wallet. Did you do a backup? When you set up an account you get displayed a popup which tells you that you should do a backup and store the seed words. Hope the issue is just a typo or you have a backup.

Welp I think I f*cked it up anyway attempting to restore the wallet.

There was a balance, but it was less than $10… No backups as I had literally just started using the app.

I still have the old BTC address noted - is there anything I can do to access that?

What do u mean with restore the wallet? If you don’t have the seed words you cannot restore it. You can copy an old wallet form the backup folder inside the app directory (bitcoin/backups) if you somehow damaged the wallet (cannot imagine how).
If there is no backup and no seedwords and you are sure the you did not make a typo then I fear there is no way to get to your funds. The address does not help you, you need the keys, which are in the encrypted wallet.

Well I had backed-up the user directory and started from scratch, and had attempted to restore the old backup using different seed words provided by the ‘fresh’ copy (assuming it would simply fail if something didn’t match up), however it obviously did not restore correctly.

In short; it appears I am just a dummy… I honestly don’t understand what happened with the original password as it was something I typically use, but that doesn’t really matter at this point.

So I guess if anybody else is reading this and is new this stuff, make sure you have your seed words saved and have a backup before encrypting your wallet. I learned the hard way and luckily it only cost me a few bucks.

Thanks for the help, pretty cool application you guys have!

If u have an old backup there is a chance. Send me the complete bitcoin directory per email (manfred at bitsquare dot io) and I will see if I can find a way to get your funds back.

Hi! I did ‘Forgor my password’ and i have lost the security funds. Is there anyway to restore them?

Do you have your seed words?

Yes i do! What i have to do?

You can use them to restore your wallet in Bisq or in another wallet like Electrum.
In order to restore your wallet in Bisq with seed words, you can go to Account->Wallet seed and type your seed words and date in the appropriate fields for restoration of your wallet.

I ‘restore wallets from seeds words’ and it tells me that some funds exist in my wallet, however all balances are 0.00 . I proceed with the restoration, it tells me that i will have new seed words, but after the restoration, the same seed words as before exist in my account and still my balances is at 0.00 .
Is anything else i should do?

Can you check with cmd+e it the balance there is also zero? Sometimes the UI balance gets our of sync with the internal wallet balance. If you have 0 BTC there is probably no reason to restore the wallet. If you dont have opne offers/trades/disputes you can start over with a new data directory. Export your payment accounts first and import it afterwards. See Switching to a new data directory