Wrong seller's IBAN

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make a payment via SEPA transfer to the Bitcoin Seller but I am not able to because I get an IBAN error (it says it’s wrong).

What can I do?

Should I wait for the 6 days to be complete? or can I cancel the trade as I havent clicked on the payment button?


I’d suggest you to open a ticket with ctrl+o and explain the situation to the arbitrator

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would I loose my deposit if I open it?

thanks for your reply!

Are you sure you didn’t mispell the IBAN ?
Can you copy the exact error message. I presume it’s an error message from your bank website ?

No, I copied and paste the full IBAN.

Yes, it’s my bank website. I have made other SEPA tansfers with no issue…


Deposit is only lost if you don’t follow the trade protocol - which you did.

If the error isn’t on your side, you will get your deposit back.

You should double check the IBAN again, to make sure you didn’t spell it wrong. Once you’re certain that you can’t complete the trade with the information given to you, opening a ticket is the right way.

After all there’s no point in waiting 6 days in that case.

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ok, thanks again.

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You may also verify the IBAN with specialized website like:
(there are also others).

This may give you more informations.

Note that this issue was worked out in arbitration. The buyer eventually worked it out with their bank in person.

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