Wrong sepa/iban country code of taker


I had an sell offer for some btc with somekind of “acceptedCountryCodes” setting.

Taker took my offer, and it seems he/she has an “bic”: “TRWIBEB1XXX” and also iban starting BE…

BE is not within my “acceptedCountryCodes” setting. Detail data button outputs:
“takerPaymentAccountPayload”: {

“countryCode”: “XX(the one i’m accepting)”,
“paymentMethodId”: “SEPA”,

I might be accepting the trade this time, and buyer might already be paying. I dont really like the situation. Should i open ticket?

I have succeeded in previous trades with same settings.


Hi I would recommend opening mediation for this.

By incorrectly specifying their country the buyer has avoided your accepted country setting.

The buyer should delete their account and re-add it again with a Belgium country code.

There have been previous discussions about having the IBAN country code validated on set up but these have not been implemented yet.

I opened the mediation few minutes or so after my msg to this forum. We had chat with buyer/taker, and meanwhile waiting for some guidance, i decided to approve buyers transfer from wrong country code this time in the 4th day of tradetime.

Since i have been getting messages from buyer/taker like “Have you received the money?”. I have been trying to message back to buyer/taker for 3 days, but apparently buyer/taker isn’t running bisq too often as i’m getting "Receiver could not process message. Error:timed out. Try sending message again. " quite a few times. I’m not able to click “confirm payment received” in my interface as it is grayed out while support reqest is running.

Also, buyer/taker violated the “reason for payment / message” field guidance. My messages to the mediator about this are “arrival confirmed” and “saved in mailbox” states, and there hasn’t been too long waiting time since that yet. I just wanted to happen try if buyer/taker would be reading this, that yes the payment has arrived.