WU added or Bisq Fork?

I read that Phase Zero is going to last 6 month? Is that correct? So, WU option may take longer than that?

If there are no objections, implementation could be as early as the next release. Because the next release will most likely contain the DAO, it might take the full 6 months.

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Anyone can be a contributor who adds value to the project (exceeding equivalent of about 100 USD).
Look, for adding a payment method the work needed are 2 areas:

  • conceptual analysis, security check, collection of all required information like mandatory data fields and how the arbitrator can verify the payment
  • implementation/dev work

First part seems you can cover, second @Nolaan or anybody else. It is not difficult dev work but takes a bit of effort.
@marc has lots of experience on the conceptual side as well, so maybe he can assist and cross check.

The 6 months for the DAO are not set in stone but an estimation. That has nothing to do with any work to be added. If the work for adding WU is done it can get into the next release (in about 1-2 weeks there is one planned). In the phase zero people also can earn BSQ but it is only represented as testnet BSQ and managed manually. Hope the rest is clear from the doc, otherwise make a comment what is not clear so we can update he doc.

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I just thought about formalizing the addition of payment methods. I’ll send an email once I thought this through. I think it should be similar to the way altcoins are added.

I’m happy to assist adding WU but we had several reasons for not adding it; these are high fees and forging of receipts. We have to think about a way of securing this as much as possible.


Even with high fees, WU is a better option for us. Do you see the price of BTC here in Latam in Localbitcoins? Over a 30%

Marc, help us to add WU to next realease :slight_smile:

I have to pay 100 usd in order to add WU? Or just I need to buy BSQ?

Sure, since WU payments aren’t possible to charge back, the biggest hurdle is to prove to an arbitrator, that you made the fiat payment, in case the other peer won’t confirm the receipt of the money.

When you make the WU payment, you get a receipt, which is your only proof.

From the software side you need to find out the mandatory fields to enable a trading peer to send you a wu payment (like name, a number, I really don’t know)

So, please provide the mandatory fields. Additionally, please think of ways to provide sufficient proof of payment, presentable to an arbitrator. Otherwise the buyer’s at risk.

You don’t have to pay anything. Rather you receive BSQ for your contribution, if the effort you put in exceeds 100$ worth of work.

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Bisq just need to ask the buyer for: Name, last names, country, upload a photo of receipt and of course: MTCN (WU 10 digits transfer code)

The Arbitrator can check the MTCN in “Track Transfer” inside WU website :slight_smile:

That’s it

The only person who can act in a wickedness way is the buyer, not the seller

I would reconsider that. Also Cash deposit has not perfect proof option but we never got issues so far. Most people will only opt in to that payment options if there is not alternative for them. High fees I would not consider as reason to reject (was used for defining our priorities).

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No I means you will earn min. 100 USD if you contribute ;-). We have a lower limit for compensation requests which is about 100 USD to not get spammed by 100s of requests for small tasks.

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@marc We could handle the receipt is similar like with cash deposit (receipt sent by email). But if MTCN is there is the receipt needed at all?

Yes, there are name, last name, country and MTCN number of sender in case he/she wrote wrong any details into Bisq

But it may apply only when a dispute is opened

Just Awesome :slight_smile:

Yesterday I collect money in WU from the sales order that I put in Localbitcoins

And anyone, with MTCN code, can track this payment even an arbitrator :slight_smile:

So the tools are there, @Nolaan is working on PR and Bisq is going to release new version in 2 weeks (according to @ManfredKarrer) . We can do it people :slight_smile:

You can check this transation too using this MTCN number: 4969764270
URL: https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/self-service/app/tracktransfer
Remember this MTCN code will be available only for 30 days

But, I feel is better using next URL where you need to know exactly who is sending or receiving money, and that info may be more important to an Arbitrator


Hi guys!

I’ve done my homework and learn some of the bisq software (even reversed it to UML :sunglasses:). This is how I intend to implement the WU payment option. I’ve cloned and modified cash deposit account. I’ve also tried to see if it was possible to curl the WU web api to automatically verify the delivery status but it’s not, due to anti-tempering/browser fingerprinting implemented by WU.

Now from @ManfredKarrer I’d like to have some tips on :

  • How to setup my dev env to use the test network
  • Is worthy to implement a photo upload method for WU receipts?
  • Implement icons next to text in the payment methods combobox
  • Advices on tests.

Next I will write the formal user story/specification (where to submit it?) with @diegotco and implement it. So we can have requirements to test the code against and insure that it’s ~working~ as expected (design choices and tracability).
And I will finally submit my PR

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Ah great!!!

  • In the Github Wiki are instructions how to use RegTest and localhost test environment.

  • With photos we could handle it like with cash deposit to delegate it to users to email receipt. I am not sure if it required when we use exclusively the tracking number if that is sufficient? Uploading photo is not that easy as there are no servers. We can use the P2P network to send data and if the peer is offline to store it in the P2P network as “mailbox message”, but that has DDoS risks if we allow larger files. The attachment in the dispute case might get removed for that reason some day as well.

  • Icons/WU logo would be good idea!

  • If the WU tracking number is entered at one screen you could add a input validation and test for that. The rest I am not sure if tests are really worth it. I test it with playing the whole process through. Set up account, create offer, take offer with other client, complete trade. Try all options (select diff. currencies, counties,…). Check all screens: create account, view account, later in trade there are some screens/popups with account data.

  • PR for proposal can be submitted to: https://github.com/bisq-network/proposals

In the screenshot you have only full name. Is that enough for WU?

Please share the UML! :wink:

Thanks, I’ll have a look.

I’m not sure if it’s required but sometimes cashiers do ask the amount sent, and this could be a proof for this amount, especially with larger sums + fees you could be easily missing 10%. @diegotco to confirm.

I will take a shot at it.

There room for automation here. It would be good if in the long term we could have unit tests + functional tests for the whole program.


Thank you Nolaan

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I will but currently my tool is choking on network/p2p, maybe there’s a bug in the tool or a design flaw there.
I only reversed the part that were working for the tool and the one I needed for WU implementation.
I did it to document the code and will do a writeup for each component to help newcomers.