WU added or Bisq Fork?

Hello Guys

Here is Diego from Southamerica. We love Bisq and his descentralized exchange… but here in the region there are a lot of cultural differences between Europe, USA and us.

So, I want to hire somebody who go to github and put WU as an option into the Bisq code.

If Bisq don’t want it, I am willing to pay someone to do a fork and create an Bisq option (new brand) to Latam

Any comments?

Hi Diego,
This question has been discussed, have you read the topics? The thing is that you can’t risk charge backs. What people will think about Bisq if they start to get scammed?

What about Localbitcoins? They have WU. And here is no chargeback. When the person who sell, collected the money, then WU can`t do nothing about it and the bitcoins are safe because they were before in bisq

They also have user reputation? Here you don’t need to trust in the user to make a secure transaction.


Yes, why is I love Bisq but Arbitration is great to allow WU in Bisq. I can’t see any problems about it

I have not looked closer to WU but I think it should be ok to add it (I assume chargeback risk is acceptable and arbitrator could verify payment in case of a dispute).
I just have to much other hi-prio work to do so I cannot work on that. If you find a dev who implements that would be great.
Today Chris will publish the plan for out phase 0 of the Bisq DAO and any contributor can earn BSQ for their work. So no need to fork, just add value to Bisq and get rewarded.


It’s not about allowing, it’s also about being compatible with the “Bisq transaction framework” (no chargebacks, secure, privacy…)
But hey look, if you can afford to “hard fork” wouldn’t it be wiser to pay your devs to submit a PR on github and then if it doesn’t get merged after some time, you hard fork?

Also I’m willing to be this dev :grinning:

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Great, I’ll do. So, what is better way:

  1. Buy BSQ and send it to Chris? O just pay USD to Chris?

  2. Pay my devs to submit a PR

Wich will work better for the Bisq spirit?

Great Nolaan, so I do not have to ask in Upwork hehe

You can ask me there if you wish😉

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Fantastic. Let’s do this

I would suggest to wait until Chris has released the phase 0 document (today), that will explain very well the process how the DAO will work.

You will not need to pay. The network will pay the contributor. But if you are the “driver” of a feature you are also a contributor, so you can even earn BSQ. Of course you can hire a dev and earn instead of him the BSQ… all options are ok.

@Nolaan: Would be cool if we have a dev for the payment methods. There are several other requests but I am the bottleneck and don’t have time to check and implement.
It requires first to analyze if it meets our requirements (chargeback risk, required data, arbitrator need to be able to verify,…) and if that is met, to implement it in code. It is not very difficult but involves a few different areas (UI, data, translations,…). First time it will take much more effort to learn all, then second time should be much easier…

Before you start coding ping me so I can give you some pointers, so its easier…

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Thank you @ManfredKarrer, so I think is better to wait until Chris realease the phase 0, and then buy the BSQ to support Bisq

But I will ask every single time until WU will be added hehe. Also @Nolaan I think you can earn BSQ as contributor :slight_smile:

Hey all, just catching up here. Stay tuned, the doc will be published shortly.

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As far as I remember, the problem with WU is that in case of a dispute, there’s no digital proof of payment. The only thing you get when making a transfer is the receipt which can easily be faked.

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Even with those problems still workin into Localbitcoins and is a “must” for people from Southamerica… By the way, It appears they have a transfers tracking https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/self-service/app/tracktransfer

But I tested it and shows nothing

Chris has released the DAO phase zero paper: https://github.com/bisq-network/docs/blob/master/dao/phase-zero.adoc.

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I was wrong. According to WU, they save the MTCN just for 30 days. But it is enough I guess


So, we have a great tool in WU “Track Transfer” Tool

@ManfredKarrer since I am not a Dev, so, I can’t be a contributor. So, can I help been an Arbitrator? How can I do that?