WU added or Bisq Fork?


Thanks @ManfredKarrer, I would also add the image of Western Union’s receipt in the email too.

Otherwise it looks good to me.


@diegotco: What do you think regarding the receipt? Is it required? In Localbitcoins very few traders required that.


First of all. Thank you guys very much. I appreciate your time and effort to help people in Latin America to use this payment options. It is wonderful

@ManfredKarrer @Nolaan :clap::clap::clap:


Yes, It is very common and morally mandatory to do transactions here in this part of the world







Ok I will add those. Thanks!


It might be useful if confirmation takes long so seller can see its not the buyers fault if “start payment” takes longer.


Cool. Now I understand that :slight_smile:


What can happen if the seller receive the money (can pick it up) but does not receive the MTCN or the receipt is wrong? Is there some scam possible? There is no charge back possible after seller has picked up the money, right? The seller will release the btc only after money has been picked up. Receiving the MTCN and receipt is not enough to release, right?



  1. Somethimes people send me money through WU with my lastname written incorrectly. That’s why I ask mandatory a photo of the receipt (more than MTCN code only) to see if my name, lastname and amount of money are ok. And if some mistake happens I ask them to go back to WU office and fix the error: WU never change the MTCN number, ever. Neither they re issue a new receipt. NEVER. WU make an internal systmem correction and every WU office in the world accept that change and then they release the money without problems.

  2. BUT … when buyer send just the MTCN number and made a mistake on seller name, lastname or amount of money, so, the seller has to go WU office first, then have a bad time :(, and then ask the buyer fix the mistake. The seller may lost hours of his / her time

  3. It is important to notice that: When the payment was never collected in 30 days, the payment will go back to the sender

  4. Yes. There is no charge back possible after seller has picked up the money

  5. To pick up the money WU always ask about 5 mandatory questions: MTCN number, ID card (or Passport), Name of the sender, Amount of money and Sender country. Then it is impossible to recive money without the MTCN (or even only with MTCN, that’s why is so important to see the whole receipt photo)

  6. Correct! Receiving the MTCN code and receipt’s photo is not enough to release, because may contain some issues that make impossible to pick up the money. So, to release of bitcoin amount has to be made when the seller would pick up the money


Thanks for the detailed answer!


You are welcome :slight_smile:


@ManfredKarrer and @Nolaan can you help me to understand this?

I want to sell some sat but it needs to be smooth. So why I need to set up a buyer’s security deposit?


You don’t need to change the default value (we will move that to advanced settings some day). The security deposit for the buyer is adjustable to allow users to react to volatility risks. If price moves a lot then the buyer could decide to not make the Fiat payment and prefer to lose the sec. deposit instead completing a trade with a price which is not to his favor.
E.g. You as seller makes an offer with 9000 USD. A buyer takes it. Next day is a crash and price is 8500 USD. If the buyer sends you the Fiat he pays 500 USD more than if he “cancels” and takes a new offer with 8500 USD. He loses the default security deposit of 0.01 BTC (about 80 USD). So still 420 USD he can win if he does not follow the trade contract.
If you as maker/seller set the security deposit to 0.1 BTC then the buyer would lose about 800 USD on security deposit and wins 500 so in total a loss of 300 USD.
If you are the buyer as maker you offer the level of protection against volatility by yourself. A very low value represents more risk for a seller/taker. A very high value locks in more funds. So users need to find their preferred value.

But as said above you can leave the default that is usually a reasonable value.


This is very clear. Now I understand :slight_smile:

So. I will put here some news about using WU option :slight_smile:

Thanks @ManfredKarrer