Xuez Partnership Proposal


Dear Bisq Team,

My pseudonym is God Father and I am leading the community project called Xuez.
We have already applied (and been approved ) to be included in the Bisq exchange.

I send you this mail to introduce to you what the Xuez project is and what our long-term goals and objectives are.

We, the XUEZ Project, are a community-based project, built by the community for the community.
Utilizing a blockchain with an 8MB block size and with 60 seconds generation time per block , which results in close to instantaneous transaction times.
Our aim is to re-establish Satoshi Nakomoto’s vision which we believe that other projects have lost sight of.
We have been planning to build our own off-shore exchange which would only include a peer to peer private cryptocurrency exchange, until we stumbled across your platform.
We fully believe in your philosophy and your platform/technological mindset is great and especially, all private.
With that in mind, we believe that a synergy can be created through working together.
We currently have over 1000 investors and a working team of 30 dedicated members and we keep growing.
From community assistants to support team, advisors, specialist developers with C++,C# Java knowledge and more.
I would like to re-iterate that we are built “By the community for the community”.

I would like to conclude this email/Potential partnership with this quote that
a famous man once said – “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything”

We hope to build one of the most trusted peer to peer private based cryptocurrency exchanges to be used worldwide.
You can find and meet us on discord which is our main communicating platform: https://discord.gg/3Yypx4C

Thank you for including us into your source code for the upcoming Bisq release.

With respect,

The Xuez Project
God Father


what do you mean by off shore? if its peer to peer wouldnt it be no shore?


It was mearly a concept which we were thinking off, “offshore exchange” meaning that the servers where offshore, private and somehow utelise a system to make it “peer to peer”. but with Bisq and their system, an offshore server isnt needed, they already have an amazing foundation and system in place. :slight_smile:


Nice, will be happy to see XUEZ listed on Bisq <3


A privacy coin designed to empower the community through fair practices and a community-driven PoS masternode model combined with the decentralized, privacy-focused Bisq exchange sounds like a match made in heaven! Can’t wait!


I have to say that Xuez team is really awesome. As i have no code/programming skills they really helped me with my masternode setup and any questions i had. Awesome community and happy to be a part of it. Full steam ahead!


It seems like Xuez sent a lot of it’s community members to this forum today :smiley:


Yes - We are very transparent and inform the community of everything which we do as well as ask to help us support the cause which we are trying to achieve :smiley:




Can’t wait till XUEZ is listed so I can get another MN. I’ve been waiting!


Any updates by any chance? Thanks


Not really. It seems like devs aren’t that interested.

Bisq isn’t a company, it is just an open source project, so I am not sure what kind of partnership do you actually propose anyway, but it seems like you didn’t get any kind of interest from Bisq community.


I’m interested.


scuttle back under the rock you crawled out from, theres zero innovation here.