"You cannot take that offer because the maker is offline"

Since the latest version (1.7.2) I have had this issue where I can’t take some of the offers. It seems to only be with certain traders where as others work fine. I click on the offer but the “next” button never goes green and I get the message “You cannot take that offer because the maker is offline” and the offer that I tried to take disappears for a bit and then comes back. I have tried restarting Bisq but it doesn’t help. It’s been happening for days now.

In console it says:

java.io.IOException: Cannot connect to hidden service
SendOfferAvailabilityRequest: Sending OfferAvailabilityRequest failed

When this is happening with certain peers I have successfully taken other offers without this issue.

Hi @eeeper thanks for the message. I was getting this message myself fairly regularly a while back but have not had it for a while. If you send me your logs on Keybase when you get the problem I will pass them on to the devs to have a look at.

My username on keybase is: pazza

I have the exact same problem since yesterday, except it’s not with some offers, but with all of them.

If someone could help, I would be most appreciative!

Hello @Pazza , I don’t know Keybase. Could you tell me how to access it, and how to send you my logs, since I have a worst version of the same problem @eeeper is experiencing?

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If you have a v2 onion address, you will want to upgrade to a v3 address.

See here: Changing your onion address - Bisq Wiki
Note that there are many things to take into account. Do a backup and check that you are v2 and assure no open trades/disputes etc. All of this is on the above link. I had the same original problems and this solved it all.

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I am assuming upgrading to a Tor v3 addresses gas fixed this: Changing your onion address - Bisq Wiki