Zcash Geeks Here! (with the IndiaMikeZulu guys)

Us IndiaMikeZulu guys are big on Zcash and Bitsquare, so I am gonna run a thread here. Go!


IndiaMikeZulu - thank you. Long live the Zero.

Welcome! Any release date already?

Fair question, Manfred. Watch this space.

EDIT: http://www.coindesk.com/zcash-delays-genesis-block-cryptocurrency-audites/

We contacted these guys. Gibson replied promptly.


This article, a comparison of XMR and Zcash, is worth a careful read:

I am digesting this: https://z.cash/blog/zksnarks-in-ethereum.html

[We’re keen on ETH.]

Whats the context to Bitsquare?

Morning, Manfred. Hope I haven’t broken a rule here: we are both pro-decentralised exchanges and pro-Zcash. Zcash’s link to Ethereum is positive for both Zcash and Ether, both of which we hope to be trading here on Bitsquare.

Indeed, heck, I’d be happy to see the end of the centralised exchanges, which have locked cryptos into an anti-mass-adoption loop.

So, we hope to keep an ‘information outpost’ on Zcash here.

Sure I am a fan fo ZCash and will add it as soon it is out!

Tremendous and continuing discussion in our camp over the role of exchanges. We see centralised exchanges – that is, the shenanigans that they have given rise to – as the great hurdle to the mass adoption of cryptos. We’ve even dabbled in actual P2P exchanges (based on a trust alliance). Gotta find an equitable middle ground (and gotta make exchanges as easy for Ordinary People to use as possible).

http://forums.prohashing.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=916 (I don’t agree with the thesis, would rather see the big-money-compliant system go west)


Wow! Half-blind techno-klutz me has managed to complete a Bitsquare trade: there’s hope for us all yet!

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One of our guys is now mining testnet Zcash. Let’s see if we can get Bitsquare coded up to trade testnet Zcash/Zcash. I’d pay a few bucks for testnet coin just to be the first to do it.

To support testnet coins would no thave any extra effort. I just need to add the ticker and the name.
Though it might be confusing to add that and people start trading but they dont have value. I think people might interpret that as scam attempts or at least don’t understand it. Also it is not easy to remove once added coins as old clients will still ahve them and old offers with those coins can stay forever basically. So I am not sure if there is a good way to add it. But I will be definitely the first who will add real coins as soon they are out. Let me know when the first official coins are available. Would like to buy also some :slight_smile:

’ it might be confusing to add that and people start trading but they dont have value.'
Sigh. Correct. Great answer

But please let me know as soon they have a fixed release date.

Morning, Manfred! We will be running an ‘info kiosk’ here from now on.

I try to do a little reading here everyday: https://forum.z.cash/

Today I’m trying to understand this: https://forum.z.cash/t/exchanges-can-easily-frontrun/1148/3