ZELLE daily limits and solutions

so my bank along with everyone elses most likely has a daily limit on how much zelle i can send…now, i contacted a couple friends to help me move things forward and asked them if they would send the money to the sellers on BISQ…this should work fine right? the zelle account does not have to come from any particular account correct? please let me know your thoughts before i move forward with this idea

No, that’s not a good idea.
You need to send the funds from the Zelle account that has been used for the Bisq account. You cannot make payments from different accounts, that would open a window for scammers doing chargebacks.
You could make a couple payments in two different days although it’s preferred not to.


that doesnt make any sense…if you are purchasing btc, and they charge back, that would mean you end up with the btc for free

Not if the BTC are already released.
I’m buying BTC, I pay USD, you release the BTC, then I get back the USD. By using limits and get some guarantees that the account is not stolen, this risk is reduced.

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