Zelle funded BTC buy stuck in mediation

I started a trade 5 days ago as buyer of BTC- paid with USD via Zelle - I see on my side that the Zelle payment has cleared to the seller. Just after the Zelle payment cleared, the seller opened a dispute. That was days ago - I have messaged the seller through the interface and also sent messages through the support ticket. The trade period expired, the other party has my USD, and neither the seller or mediator has responded to any of my messages. Building up to be a negative first experience that I hope can be resolved quickly.

I find myself in a very similar scenario, this is a great concept, too bad it seems to be a scam. Probably just a bunch of their accounts set-up on the network to look like people actually use it, then wait for newcomers to come along so they get to keep their bitcoin without ever exchanging anything… then ghost you.

This is only my second transaction on the platform. My first one was a lower amount (not worth stealing) and was a successful transaction.

And my Arbitration request keeps saying you have to wait “366 blocks” to open a dispute. It’s been 2 weeks now, still saying I have to wait the same block height. -_- If that doesn’t sound like a scam, I don’t know what does.

It’s strange that seller opens a dispute and doesn’t answer to the trading chat, but it’s hardly a scam because he has already locked its trade funds and the security deposit.

Try contacting your mediators, you can find them at keybase using this guide: https://bisq.wiki/Find_your_mediator

To open arbitration, you need to wait 20 days since the first confirmation of the deposit transaction. Then your trade will be reevaluated and the arbitrator will make a payout according to the evidence. In the meantime, you can only expect the mediator to show up (maybe they’re not receiving your messages, so that’s why I’m telling you how to contact them at Keybase) and make a suggestion that could not be accepted by the seller.
If it gets to arbitration, it’s a slow process, buy you’ll receive your trade funds and possibly 15% compensation from the seller’s security deposit.

@tapaco Confidence is something that needs to be gained. This is a bad experience, but you need to be patient. Your funds are locked now, probably they will be for too long, but I’m quite confident you’ll recover your funds.

Yeah my security deposit FINALLY got freed from prison. Thanks.