Zelle Issue: cannot send from debit card to small business?

So the user who accepted my Offer to Buy BTC has their Zelle set up as an LLC. Zelle will not allow me to send to a business with a debit card but debit card is the only option when I select Add Payment Method. I am unable to complete my end of the trade and the other user is unresponsive to chat messages. Does anyone know of a solution that I can do on my end to complete this trade or do I need to open a support ticket? I plan to wait til the last day to open a ticket to give them a chance to figure out a different method of payment but I have a feeling this trade will go south.

**I have just gotten a message in the chat that receiver is not online.

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Hi thanks for the post. I would recommend opening a support ticket by selecting the trade and the pressing ‘Ctrl + O’

We ended up being able to settle it with an alternate payment method. Apparently Zelle doesn’t allow users who sign up with an unsupported debit card to make payments to merchants. You can only do that if Zelle was set up through your bank. Feels like that should be a warning message on the Zelle payment method in Bisq. I have no way of restricting my trades to only individuals and get boned when a merchant takes my offers.